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Our Mission and Passion

We are on a mission together to create a movement that motivates people to take action to get their lives back better than ever.  The word “Wellness” has many different meanings to people.  For us, it means obtaining your full peek health and happiness and having the knowledge to maintain it long term and in many cases, continue to improve it to new levels.  We can’t stop the clock from becoming one year older every year, but we can age gracefully with the ability to enjoy our lives to the fullest.

Let us help guide your journey to living a fulfilled, healthier, happier life. Why not start today and let the rest of your life be the best part!

It tis our mission and passion to educate and assist individuals on their health journey towards optimal quality of life.  It is of the utmost importance that we create a safe space where EVERYONE feels welcome, accepted, and comfortable from the moment they walk through the door.   We are equally blessed with an amazing and talented staff that care as much as we do and that we continue to have the pleasure to serve, work with and assist so many fantastic individuals from our community and beyond.

Michiel Rorick, DC, ACS, LMP

Owner & Founder

Michiel Rorick

I have always been a dreamer, an explorer, and a researcher.  My original plan was to be retired about ten years ago, but I just can’t stop.  I am passionate about helping others and I love what I do.  I am driven and passionate about learning and gaining knowledge on a continuous basis and sharing that knowledge with others.  I was born and raised military and then enlisted and served in the US army straight out of high school.  From that point on I knew I wanted to serve others in ways that truly mattered.

I first went on to become a Doctor of Chiropractic.  I was fascinated by the results we could achieve for individuals in so many ways.  But I always knew that no one practitioner was “the end all” and that a one size fits all approach was never going to be my style.  So, my research continued and began to grow a multidisciplinary team that has now grown into an expansive facility with things such as Functional Medicine, Neuromuscular Specialties, Regenerative Medicine, and Sexual Wellness.  I have spent my career exploring the human anatomy and system and how intricately intertwined the mechanisms of the human system are.  I discovered that combining different specialties, therapies and modalities could often help advance the outcomes for individuals more rapidly and in more beneficial ways.

Partnering with different practitioners and physicians with different licenses, scopes and capabilities was exactly what I did.  All I have ever cared about is facilitating and achieving the very best outcomes for as many people as possible.  I continued to expand my knowledge about many areas of health and wellness.  I researched extensively, traveled, and explored different therapies, modalities, and procedures.  I personally volunteered and invested in receiving many of these therapies and procedures myself to be able to track true outcomes and progress capabilities.  It has always been my standard that if we’re going to offer something in our office then we must have the confidence in the integrity of that therapy, procedure, or modality so that we have the very best tools to help as many people as possible.

The journey kept growing and I went on to become a Clinical Sexologist.  I had no idea earlier in my career that I would end up on this path that would lead me in this direction.  I am so incredibly passionate about my life and helping others in the ways that we do.  I still see patients for Chiropractic care, which is a fantastic way to get and stay healthy and active physically as we fight the aging process in our lives.

My practice in chiropractic is separate and apart from my work as a clinical sexologist.  And I also have a full team of many other practitioners as well.  Together, we can accomplish more…And, for more people.  And in the end, that’s what really matters.

Personally, I am all about staying much younger than my numeric age.  Our practice is focused on helping aging individuals fight the aging process and focus on living their happiest, healthiest, and most fulfilling lives.  AGE IS NOT A DIAGNOSIS.  And a diagnosis does not define you.  Every person is valuable and deserves every bit of knowledge and opportunity to change things around and make that positive shift.  And that’s exactly what we try to provide.  We have so many amazing things to help individuals stay young and active and thriving in their lives.

Our team of practitioners and physicians is amazing at combining different skillsets and abilities to address individuals’ needs on a case-by-case basis.   Everyone that joins my team must care more about the individuals that walk through our doors than themselves and their own egos.  I am very proud of the staff we have built and the caring environment we have created.  We look forward to continuing to serve our community in every way that we can.

Let us help guide you in your journey to living a fulfilled, healthier, happier life. Why not start today and let the rest of your life be your best!

“Basically just one awesome life changing experience!”

C. Turner

“Great experience.  The staff is great too.  I definitely recommend coming in for a visit if you have any issues.”

J. Parrish