“Hi! This is Dr. Rorick. This is the reality of my own story. I went through erectile dysfunction myself. It didn’t matter how loving and kind my wife was, in my mind it took away my manhood. It was easier to put her in the friend and business partner zone because I could barely look at her. I felt like she had seen me at my very worst. I looked for anything that would make myself feel more manly and ended up ignoring her in the process. Thank God I got to the other side of ED both physically and mentally. We’re so fortunate that our marriage is so full of deep love and forgiveness. Our relationship is stronger and better than ever. Now, it is our passion and mission to help as many men and couples to conquer ED as possible. Take it from me: Intimacy with the love of your life is so important. I spent years looking for answers for myself. Now patients can reap those benefits. Next time you are in a room full of men, look around. About half the men in the room are struggling with ED. You have nothing to be embarrassed about; don’t let ED define you. Our staff is ready to take your call and get you scheduled for a free consultation. I am proud to say that our team of practitioners and entire staff work together with a heart to help as many people as possible. Call us today at 281-496-3355 or visit us at Improvemyerection.com”

Rorick Health and Sexual Wellness Institute – Our Mission and Passion

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Transcribed by Debra Dixon, July 16, 2018 debraldixon@yahoo.com