Get To Know Dr. Rorick

Dr. Rorick was born and raised in a career military family and lived all over the world. Moving on average once a year exposed him to many countries and began his intrigue for exploration and gaining knowledge of how different countries conducted themselves and did things differently. If you know Dr. Rorick then you know this mindset certainly flowed into his professional career as he is always thirsting for new and additional medical research and knowledge being explored and practiced all over the world.

He’s been in practice in the West Houston area for over 34 years and is one of those doctors that truly loves being a doctor. His wife, Dodie, laughs anytime someone asks if he will ever retire and his patients promptly let him know that he’s simply not allowed to.

Dr. Rorick doesn’t have much free time, but when he does, he enjoys his hobby as a car enthusiast and spending time with his wife and son.

Our staff always loves the way he makes everyone laugh and how each and every staff member and patient can feel how much he cares. As busy as he is, he makes it a point to meet every new patient that walks through our doors to make sure they have the very best experience possible.

To sum it up in Dr. Rorick’s words, “Tomorrow’s not promised. Live today to it’s fullest.”

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